Thursday, August 25, 2011


When i look up blogspot
i just realise many things i had missed up
long time i din update for blogspot
everything is just pass by
actually i din give up blogspot
i prefer blogspot
i feel tat i not ready to write anything tat i wan
i feel tat i wanna hide for myself to another side 1st
i feel tat i more like privacy

life is short
i gonna update and record for myself when i free
a blog is not show off to all person
u do not need to keep increase ur supporter to ur blog
a nice blog is not nid keep update from day to day
wat's does mean a nice blog?
it has a good self-criticism for yourself
it has lots of meaningful to yourself

P.S. Reborn! blogspot~



shhing_慧 said...

yala,long time u din write blog liao....same as me....h@h2...

Phui Yee said...

haha..yalo..i wan keep update for myself~^^ u keep update too =)

stephanieho said...

haha..ah bi..remember keep on update urself also now still studying right?

Phui Yee said...

yea..ah mi..sure^^ i stil studying nw :) one year to go~