Monday, August 3, 2009

unsuccessful day

Alrd done d chemistry report of was a big process~
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours..
alrd spend many hours 2 finiz it~

2day was an unsuccessful day~ cant make a success experiment~ experiment tat hv been done is preparation of cyclohexene~ a new things 4 me..1st time c d real experiment progressing.
unfortunately, v all cant make d correct step during whole experiment.. cant get any reading oso~ so sad... 4 hours stay in d lab but din get anything oso ><
it is zero @.@
anyway really vry thx for demonstrater Mark gave us some advice 2 continue do d report~
report report report...y so many report? i dun like~~ haizzz...

hope can finiz them b4 having a happy trip 2 pulau pangkor~
n oso finiz d wed exam..manusia dan sekitaran..

2 all my coursemates~ exam, kambateh & all d best ya~


asynn1107 said...


期待pulau pangkor的trip!^^

Phui Yee said...


snow wolf said...

ya lo ya lo.
anyways now more important is wed exam.
and presentation of ace com.
Oh my god,now still not touch yet!